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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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, pamela white. attorneyardishine's reacts to his client's testimony wednesday. he served three years in the israeli army and said he was just trying to diffuse a situation that turned into a huge misunderstanding. he testified on november 19, 2010 after receiving a radio call on his neighbor watch radio for a suspicious person on falstaff road. in his car he spotted an african american teenager who would later be named the alleged victim walking into people's yards and looking through people's windows. he also said he saw the teenager pulling on the door handle of suv's. his brother got out and said "didn't i see you at park
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heights? " he said he and his brother follow the teenager in his car, and said the teenagers seemed scared and kept looking back at them and ripped a piece of board from a shipping pallet in one of the front yard he was walking by and held it. he told the court he wanted to diffuse the situation because he saw a woman walking her dog towards the teenager. he then stopped a car and got out and try to calmly explain who he was. that is when he said the teenager charged at him using the board. he blocked the teenager down to the ground with his own radio. soon after, he told them to leave. in cross-examination, he did admit he could have made a mistake by stopping the team the second time around. >> it is unclear whether the judge will render the verdict this evening or carry things
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into tomorrow morning. we will monitor the situation. we will have another update tonight at 6:00. >> police in howard county say they have captured the man who used a syringe filled with blood to rot of pharmacy, and they are checking to see if it was tainted with aids are by risk. he is being held at the howard county detention center. -- they are checking to see if this syringe was tainted with aids virus. walk into the pharmacy pulled out a syringe and put it into the pharmacist's chest. during the robbery, no one was blood wasbut what wa dishcahrged. charged. >> of i let night in baltimore
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with police responding to three shootings. one person was rested -- rushed to the hospital. a few hours earlier, another shooting in the 3400 block of piedmont ave. the 28-year-old victim was shot several times. no word on motive or suspects. police are looking into a third incident along south hanover street in south baltimore just or 9:30 last night. as far as we know, the gunman is still at large. 33 new crime cameras are going up in the streets of east baltimore. today the mayor helped install the first one. we're live at police headquarters with the details. >> police officials say these cameras help to make baltimore streets safer. they have helped to apprehend suspects like the shooting of a five-year-old girl in 2009 and
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in countless other cases. >> i am glad to see that these cameras are here. >> that is the word from neighbors in an area of baltimore. members of the community came out to watch the installation of one of 33 new crime -- crime cameras. >> in 2011, city watch participated in 1236 arrests. there are already 550 camera stationed across the city. the new ones will be installed in northeast baltimore and the darling park neighborhood. these will help hecatch and prosecute suspects in many cases. >> i hope it will catch the things that are not wanted in our community, that is the
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crime, and it will truly be of benefit to the community. the more cameras they have come at the better it will be for our neighborhoods. -- the more cameras they have, the better it will be for our neighborhoods. >> kazakhs are this, they make the residents feel safer. -- the facts are this, they make residents feel safer, and i think as an emerging technology for law enforcement, it is a sound investment. >> the money from the new camera comes from a mix of federal and state grants. >> we are getting our first look at the man who police say stab his own mother during a fight at their home in carroll county. eric liam being held the $208,000 bond charged with assault and reckless
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endangerment. police said they found his 52- year-old mother suffering multiple stab wounds after 10:00 last night. she was flown to shock trauma where she remains in critical, but stable condition. >> a man has been arrested and charged with first-degree arson in connection with a five-year yesterday afternoon. over 100 people have been displaced in 34 units destroyed. police arrested a man of chevy chase early wednesday morning. the fighter he says that he went to the third district police station during the night, and voluntary confessed to starting the fire. so far that the damage estimates are more than $1 million. >> it has been a tale of two different weather patterns today across baltimore. in the east, temperatures way down. in the west, sunshine breaking
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through in temperatures have formed into the '70s and '80s. in that weather to the south and west, there are thunderstorms to track. the west virginia panhandle moving south and east. maybe even hail associated with these in parts of northern virginia just west of baltimore. we have to keep an eye on developing storms. there is a major warmup coming our way as we head through the rest of this work week. the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> the governor signed a 295 bills into law today, several designed to protect the chesapeake bay. one would be a fleshed tax to pay for a sewer treatment upgrades. forlush tax to pay sewer treatment upgrades.
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meanwhile, 11 news has learned an agreement has been struck with regards to holding a special session to rework the state budget. david collins will have the details on that it was 6:00. >> in the race for the white house there is one less republican in the field. as expected, newt gingrich is quitting the race. many are asking, who will he endorsed? the commitment 2012 update. >> as newt gingrich dropped out former race, he gave his form rival of boost. >> compared to barack obama? this is not a choice between mitt romney and ronald reagan. this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical president in american history. >> the former house republican
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went just to primaries. newt gingrich out today is a mixed blessing for mitt romney. >> i do not know of any american president who has ever had a swiss bank account. >> are you calling mitt romney a lawyer? >> yes. >> barack obama back from afghanistan. under attack by mitt romney for politicizing the killing of osama bin laden, the president shared credit in the war zone .ith u.s. troops an >> that was a huge flap around the track for the president. kudos to him for that. to go hoping to return to jobs and growth. mitt romney campaigned in virginia, where barack obama won
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in 2008. >> i say look at what the president has done, and do the opposite. [laughter] >> newt gingrich vows he will keep speaking out, and nobody doubts him. wbal-tv 11es man, news. >> concerns are mounting that this year's grand prix will be a big failure. just ahead, what option is definitely off the table? the case that captivated the nation. now the curious can get a first- hand look at some of the evidence, but only certain pieces. we will tell you where in which ones when we come back. >> financial problems for an east baltimore tradition. that story coming up.
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>> the the rawlings' late addressing reports that this
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year's grand prix has hit roadblock. -- stephanie rawlings blake. mayor said the city is still in negotiations with the group. she said she is still confident that the event will continue. >> we have an opportunity to bring over 47 million economic activity into the city. i am hopeful that with the involvement that it will happen. >> while an erasing contract is still on the table, the mayor says what is not an option, spending any more money on the event. the public will have a chance to you evidence of george hughley, who was convicted of killing yardly love.
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the evidence will be on display may 15 and 16th and will include photographs. autopsy photographs and other sensitive evidence will not be shown. recording, reproduction or replay of the evidence is prohibited, and electronic devices will not be allowed during the tuning -- the reviewing spirited he is sentenced on august 30. >> because of new rules, the department of agriculture will be able to jump on sources of contaminated meat much more quickly. this will allow inspectors to start investigating potential sources as soon as the first test indicate there is a problem. in the past they waited till an additional testing was done to confirm contamination. strains of e. coli sicken hundreds of people each year, most of which recovered within a week or so.
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a new report shows 50 million premature babies are born every year. it is a much bigger problem than anyone previously thought. most are born in africa and asia, but it is a real problem for the u.s. as well, were half a million are born too soon, and a rate far higher thing europe or other western countries. the report estimates three- quarters of the deaths could be prevented by spending inexpensive treatment and low- income countries. marijuana use is of among teenagers according to a new report. nearly one in 10 teenagers say they smoked marijuana 20 times or more per month. that kind of heavy usage is up 80% since 2008. over 70% say they have friends who smoke regularly. abuse of prescription drugs is still a problem, but the prevalence is revelation --
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relatively unchanged. >> now, your 11 forecast with tom tasselmire. >> cloudy skies across parts of maryland. temperatures are down for many locations today. cooler than normal second day of may. temperatures have been mostly in the '50s and '60s. just where west, it warms up. even parts of virginia getting very close to 90 degrees throughout much of the afternoon and down to north carolina as well. that warmth spread spectrum of the ohio valley. -- that warmth spreading back through the ohio valley. western suburbs make such early evening showers and storms.
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officially in the high range again today for tree and grass pollen. it is up substantially over yesterday. this pretty much shows the story. cool to the east. dover air force base at 59 degrees. charlottesville, va., at 89 degrees right now. showers and storms will be possible tonight. the looks like a cluster of storms may be trying to drop out towards baltimore. could hear some thunder overnight. temperatures will be mild. 52 to the northeast. 62 in baltimore south and west. the sun does not go down until 8:00 01. -- 8:01. temperatures will come up significantly and baltimore from the low 60s today into the low
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80s tomorrow. we will be in this part of the weather pattern that is sitting over here in the deep south. another front will be approaching. for the next couple of days we will mention that summer-like temperatures and summer-like afternoon storms. and friday will likely to see a couple of clusters rolling through. each day we will start with clouds and fog, that will burn off. thursday, friday, and saturday before it turns cooler in the second half of the weekend. 79-84 degrees after the morning fog burns all. on the bay thursday from a winds are light and variable. more of a southerly direction for most of the bay tomorrow. it will be variable in direction. water temperatures around 60. 20% chance of hit or miss
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storms. warm 80's out that way. eastern shore warming up. 82 tomorrow. 87 private. -- 87 friday. seven-day forecast of a summer- like temperatures. thursday and friday. a real nice finish to the weekend. >> coming up, we will tell you which of the centers are on the chopping block and why. plus -- ♪ >> music to the years at of many residents. we will take you for a tour straight ahead.
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>> four centers in the west
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baltimore are set to close before the end of december. the mayor says the plan is to build new centers with larger facilities, more hours, and more staffing. new construction will take place at local park at an estimated cost of $19 million. the mayor has been warning for nearly two years that they could close as a part of a plan to streamline the funding. >> you may have heard of the mac lewis gym. although he is no longer with us, his and gymnasium is still here. they could use some help. rob robyn has the story. -- rob roblin. >> it has been an east baltimore tradition.
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for more than 50 years he trained boxers not only in how to fight, but how to treat other people. many say he turned up boys into men. >> a man could come here that is 33. but it could come here that is 21. but it could come in here that is eight, and they would all do the same thing. the respect one another. >> there are posters from old fights of years gone by. >> what has it meant to you, this jim? >> it means everything to leak. i cannot put into words what it really means to me. it was not just boxers. there was a high school project on the gym, and he helped him get a college scholarship. >> he held me what scholarships to college. any way acting give back, i will try my best to. even now, men are still training
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here at the gym, but after his death, at the gym has run into hard financial times. the former champ who was a student now runs at the gym. >> how close are you to closing the doors? >> we are not far, but we're not close either, because i will do everything i can with different people on the board, we're doing everything we can possibly do each and every day to keep the gym and his legacy alive. >> everyone is determined to keep the gym opened, but they need help. >> this saturday night there er, and a fund-raiser and the success of the fund-raiser could determine whether the doors remain open. >> sad news to pass along. one of the most memorable
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profiles has passed away. a baltimore law student who battled brain cancer for more than four years. he learned he had a tumor for training -- while training for marathon back mayo in 2008. and he was also planning to run the d.c. race for hope this weekend, which benefits brain tumor research. a much closer look at his life and types tonight at 11 news at 11:00. take a just a few days away from the agreement of one of the self-proclaimed masterminds of the 9/11 attacks. if you want to come even watch it all unfold on tv. we will tell you how coming up. >> a brazen attack on foreigners just after the president took off from afghanistan. off from afghanistan.
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>> live, local, late breaking, you are watching wbal-tv 11 news in hd. your forecast with tom tasselmire. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> new tonight at 5:30, they are about to decide how to spend what turns out to be an extra $12 million, money now headed to the budget for students. >> now with the money headed back to the budget, just how will the school system spent it?
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we're live in the newsroom with that story. take of that is still being worked out, but some are asking if the shutdown -- sudden shift in money will hurt other employees. the $12 million promised to students but held back of the county is now on the table. >> the county executive is on board, but convinced that it will come on the back of other employees. >> there was a proposal to shift capital moneys to take care of the $12 million. >> it is now up to the county council to decide how to spend the new dollars. the district already has ideas where the money is needed most. take a class size is an issue. we have us for 62 additional teaching positions this year. the reason we use that number is that is a number we could fund the solely within our
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organization. >> and parents who promised to keep a close eye on negotiations. ." >> we will make our concerns known that for whatever concerns they may be. the new school budget must be finalized by the end of the summer. >> here is a look at some of the other top stories. in closing arguments under way in the neighborhood watch trial of brothers accused of beating an african american teenager. earlier today one of the defendants testified in his own defense. he said the african american victim had been walking into people's yards looking into windows, so he stopped him once. he said the teenager was agitated and eventually charge at him with a piece of wood. yet it did he probably should not have stopped the teenagers
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the second time around. >> 33 new crime cameras are going in on the streets of northeast baltimore today. the mayor helped install the first one of the corner of hartford and homestead. these cameras have helped apprehend suspects in a number of cases. police officials are hoping more cameras will make the streets safer. the money comes from a mix of federal and state creance. howard county police have captured a man who they say threatens the man with aids during a robbery. -- the money comes from a mix of federal and state grants. we're told he pulled out a syringe and put it to the pharmacist's chest. he made off with more than $27,000 worth of medication. no one was injured, but blood
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was discharged. >> president obama is back in washington after going into afghanistan and a secret visit. it coincided with a one-year anniversary of osama bin laden stuff. here is a look as air force one that made the landed at andrews air force base. just after his plane took off from afghanistan, a brazen attack on a foreign compound claimed the lives of several people. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attacks. we have more on the president's trip and what it means for afghanistan. >> my fellow americans we have travelled through more than a decade under the dark cloud of warwick. here in the pre-dawn darkness of afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day in the horizon. >> president obama proclaims an end in sight for the u.s. war in
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afghanistan. >> one year ago from a base here in afghanistan are troops launched operation that killed osama bin laden. the goal i set to defeat al qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach. >> earlier the president was greeted by u.s. and afghanistan and diplomatic officials. he then flew to the capital where he met with the afghan president. they signed a nine-page at strategic partnership agreement, solidifying the relationship and commitments through at least 2024. the partnership includes u.s. assurances to assist afghanistan people on economics and governance, but also guarantees afghan up sovereignty. he also met with u.s. service members on base. a key factor to the strategic agreement is to prove the
5:35 pm
international community and the taliban that the u.s. is sticking to its word and will not abandon afghanistan, even after the combat role since. -- combat role ends. >> if you want, you can watch the trial all unfold on tv. a military judge has authorized closed-circuit tv for the general public on tv. he is facing a judge on charges of helping to plan and carry out the 9/11 attacks. officials tell us if you want to attend the viewing, it is on a first-come, first served basis. there are a limited number of seats. you will need a photograph and a vehicle registration. >> shocking new video from a security camera that caused the deadly crash in philadelphia.
5:36 pm
>> how authorities plan to use this video and a civil trial that is set to start next week. >> dramatizing for a little girl who did nothing wrong, but got a little sunburn. >> of new jersey mom accused of putting her five-year-old ♪
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>> covering the nation tonight, a disturbing new video from a security camera that caught the deadly that vote crash in pennsylvania. it shows the moment of impact. attorneys for the victim are using the images in a civil trial that is set to start next week. it shows the stranded boat waiting off help. then he pulls out his phone and then abandoning ship. two students on an exchange program from humphrey died in that correct.
5:40 pm
the case exposed the harsh tradition among marching bands at some colleges. 11 charge " this of third degree felony charge. the felony charges could bring up to six years in prison. take a more emotional developments in the trial of the former senator, john edwards. his daughter left the court room crying. in court, he was heard saying that his daughter wanted to leave. he has pleaded guilty to six criminal charges. add new jersey mom has pleaded not guilty to a second-degree child endangerment charge for allegedly taking her five-year- old daughter to a tanning salon.
5:41 pm
the lawyer entered the plea for her during an appearance this morning in superior court. she denies she took her daughter tanning and said she does brought her along in the salon. >> she is a little girl. i will not bring my little girl into a 90-degree bed. that is not normal. >> new jersey law prohibits people under the age of 14 for tanning. the tanning salon denied the little girl was ever there. >> that is not normal. we know the mega millions power ball has already been claimed, but there are three winners out there from last night's drawing. where they were sold just ahead. a new plan promises to get kids working and ensure their future
5:42 pm
employment as well. we will explain how it works coming up here yet to go thunderstorms are popping up this evening. we will check that and the seven-day forecast. 63 at the airport. 65 downtown.
5:43 pm
>> here is look at the stories we're covering. lawmakers come struck a deal to avert the doomsday budget. when will the special session be held? one of the brothers on trial for the beating of a baltimore teenager takes the stand in his own offense. plus, the details[ lyc
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>> make millions players checked your tickets. there is still a winner out there. millions players checked your ticket. bellaire is also home to another winner sold on march 30. the third sold at a 7/11 in the 9700 block of beaver dam road, also for the march 30 drawing. here is a look at last night's numbers. 24, 37, 31, 45, 52, and the make the ball is 38. you can see the drawing right here on did you dlc the every
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tuesday and friday evening. take of the national league has suspended four players without play -- >> the national league football league had suspended four players without pay. >> the nfl suspending players for their role in the new orleans 8 bounty scandal. the state linebacker who the nfl said help create a system has been suspended for the entire 2012 season. will smith of the saints has been suspended for the first four games. the punishment was coming.
5:47 pm
>> respect for the players to play the game, and that needs to start with players against players. all of the suspensions are without pay. >> i am not necessarily looking for the recommendation on discipline. i am looking for the recommendation on what we do. we have helped the executives and coaches -- held that is the exodus and coaches to a higher standard, but the players need to make sure this is not happening either. a hard stance by a league trying to inflect -- respect players and their integrity. to go now your 11 insta-weather-
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plus forecast with tom tasselmire. >> we will be susceptible to showers and thunderstorms overnight tonight, tomorrow, friday. we're in the weather pattern where receive the showers pop up in the afternoon. gusty winds associated with the storms in western maryland. hagerstown a pretty good looking thunderstorm there. mainly southern frederick county and the western parts of how word into montgomery county will be the main threat areas. those are the regions that have had temperatures to the areas north and east. much less chance of seeing a thunderstorm in this part of maryland. that is the current threat area. some of those areas are fairly strong. almanac is cooler than normal. 65 for the high.
5:49 pm
possible temperatures may come up and early evening. so far 68 downtown. the morning is rather mild. temperatures started the day in the '60s and stuck there. look at how warm it is to our west. hancock at 78 degrees. from royal is 80. charlottesville knocking on the door of 90. sharp contrast there. it is in the warm air we see the storms popping up. future test indicating the potential for storms to roll in throughout the evening and may be again tomorrow morning. off and on chances of storms. this will be pushing east
5:50 pm
tomorrow. expect a significant warm-up. with the warmer air moving in, so will the thunderstorms. front to the north and west of a schedule to get your for the first part of the weekend. after that cooler temperatures for the weekend. scattered afternoon thunderstorms in the area friday. that will carry us into the first part of the weekends. light and variable winds. morning fog and afternoon storms. temperatures in the low 80s for most of the area tomorrow. the average winds and rains are not indicative of what you will encounter as the storms brought up. western maryland, 20 percent chance for it in the storms on friday. -- for rain and stomrs on friday. the lower eastern shore, a huge temperature difference.
5:51 pm
inland locations could get very close to 90 degrees the next couple of days. summer temperatures thursday, friday saturday. sunshine and less humid on sunday. highs around 75. >> and tonight's consumer alert, demand for u.s. manufactured goods is down of the most in three years. the commerce department says it is the steepest decline since march of 2009 when the economy was mired in recession. orders plummeted by nearly 50 percent signed. excluding transportation goods, orders were unchanged. demand for less durable coats rose by half a percent. as you make your stubble -- summer travel plans, there is a poll that shows you which airports to avoid.
5:52 pm
b.w.i. is one of the best pure yet then again, we knew that. b.w.i. is listed as the no. 6 best airport in the country travelers say la guardia should be avoided at all costs. the best spot to flight into? of minneapolis. and wal-mart has been ordered to pay back wages to thousands of employees. the labor department has ordered the retail giant to pay almost $5 million in back wages and damages to 4500 vision center workers who were denied overtime pay. wal-mart consider those employees exempt from federal regulations requiring overtime pay. the company reclassified them in 2007. since then they have been negotiating the amount owed. >> there is a new program in the
5:53 pm
area that could help secure teenage employment out and help secure a job in the future. a new initiative wants to give them experience in green jobs that are becoming more popular and sought after as companies become environmentally savvy. it is called fo ready. community leaders say the benefits of the program improve the health of the chesapeake bay. >> i know not only am i helping the environment, and helping my mom and a lot of people. the chesapeake bay is really messed up right now. anything we can do what help a lot. the announcement included ground breaking on the first rain guarded in the community that will be created as part of the program. >> the calls to action from activists and community leaders. it looks like house makers make
5:54 pm
reopen the doomsday budget. we have learned late-breaking details about behind-the-scenes negotiations. details coming up at 6:00. >> kids and adults will really enjoy this. coming up, we will take you inside a brand new park in baltimore city that offers a lot
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5:56 pm
>> a musical they are part of a unique park opening up in baltimore city.
5:57 pm
-- a musical fence. >> this offers plenty for visitors and residents to enjoy. >> this is sure to be a highlight for kids. 10,000 pounds of musical fencing one of the many unique aspects of the park. >> it is an incredible gift for baltimore. >> the artist has helped create much of what you see here. >> you could yell in it and listen when you are standing in there. you can hear things. you could hear the musical instruments. >> the park is on 1 acre of land. it is a unique green space made our reality thanks to the efforts of many organizations and susan fnagan. take of this park is a monument to my husband.
5:58 pm
he was a very modest man, but when he died suddenly his friends wanted some sort of statement about what a giving person he was. >> that is why his friends have incorporated his passion of music. 47 pavers make up sidewalk. >> words that sound alike but spelled differently. >> much of the work and materials were donated. flanagan is hoping this will become a place everyone will enjoy, and she know her husband would have loved it. >> the park opens on sunday. >> i cannot wait to see it. so beautiful and so clever. wonderful memorial. >> here is a look at what is
5:59 pm
coming up new at 6:00. >> the neighborhood watch trial is now in the hands of a judge. a live report. 33 new crime cameras went up in northeast baltimore today. >> live, local, late breaking, this is nick wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> state house leaders are close on a deal to amending the budget. behind-the-scenes negotiations have netted an agreement to start with what they hammered out on the last day of the regular session that will avoid the doomsday budget going into effect. taxes will be going up. we broke the story at >> they are g


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